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Real Talk With Dr. Valencia Campbell: Apply Now: 2019 Scholarship Awards On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Dr Valencia Campbell-Apply Now-2019 Scholarship Awards

My Conversation With John Lanchester, Author Of The Wall

Click Here To Listen John Lanchester

The best-selling author of The Debt to Pleasure and Capital returns with a chilling fable for our time.

Ravaged by the Change, an island nation in a time very like […]

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My Conversation With Dr. Laurie Helgoe, Author Of Fragile Bully: Understanding Our Destructive Affair With Narcissism in the Age of Trump

Click Here To Listen Laurie Helgoe

Obsessive self-promotion, an aggressive triggering response, and retaliatory rants.

“Both sensitive and incisive, beautifully capturing the paradoxical dynamic of narcissism―that the grandiosity and surrounding bravado belies an underlying fragility and […]

My Conversation Christina Proenza-Coles, Author Of American Founders: How People Of African Descent Established Freedom In The New World

Click Here To Listen Christina Proenza-Coles

American Founders reveals men and women of African descent as key protagonists in the story of American democracy. It chronicles how black people developed and defended New World settlements, […]

Listen To “Merry Mary Ann”, The New Smooth Jazz Single Written & Composed By Dr. Alvin & K.C. Martin

Click Here To Listen Merry Mary Ann

It was created to honor Mary Ann Davis. Happy Birthday.

My Conversation With Mary Pat Kelly, Author Of Irish Above All

Click Here To Listen Mary Pat Kelly

Mary Pat Kelly draws upon family heritage to continue the story of Nora Kelly–begun in Of Irish Blood–with a striking novel of historical fiction in Irish Above All.

After […]